Lottery Program

BetGosu's Lottery

BetGosu's lottery program is developed for all users, BetGosu will record the trading volume on betting platforms so that players can get tickets to participate in the lottery program.
When the user's trading volume is eligible, BetGosu will award the user a ticket to participate in the Lottery Program.
When users reach the top of the daily, monthly, and weekly trading volume, they can also participate in the lottery program.
  • For every transaction that reaches 200$, they will receive 1 ticket.
  • Users who reach the top volume of 1000$ or more will receive a special entry ticket with prizes worth x5.


Users participating in the lottery program receive valuable gifts, which can be Fiat, tokens, or NFTs.
This is also a gift that BetGosu offers to all users participating in BetGosu. It is also a way for players to receive additional rewards when participating in BetGosu.