• Roulette in BetGosu is a simple game, you just need to bet on the positions that you believe the circle will spin on.
  • Each bet will have a different reward ratio. The yellow and black squares will have the same reward ratio of x2, and the Gosu box will have a larger reward. It's like a big reward for the players.
  • Roulette spins will be rotated once every 30 seconds and you will have an unlimited number of participants.
Here are the steps for you to participate in the game of Roulette:
Step 1: Login to BetGosu's Dapp:
Login Dashboard
Step 2: Choose Roulette:
Choose Roulette
Step 3: Place a bet:
Place a bet.
Step 4: Please wait for the roulette round to spin. If you win, the reward will be automatically transferred to your wallet. Good luck!
Last modified 5mo ago