In BetGosu, the player will guess which two team will win, and if the predictions are correct, the player will win the bet.
Handicap bets
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    Handicap in e-sports can be round/match or other unit depending on the game. The spread here is only “Handicap”.
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    A handicap is a method of making sporting events more fair and thus more interesting on the subjects being wagered. In e-sports betting, handicap bets are made by giving a team/player a number of rounds/matches.
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    For example:
Handicap Odds
Player A -1.5 2.00
Player B +1.5 1.85
4. If player A spends 2 or more matches. The bettor who bets on player A will win, and the bettor who bets on player B will lose. If player A only spends 1 match or player B wins, player B's bettor wins and player A's bettor loses.
5. Total bets: Totals in e-sports can be rounds/matches, or other units depending on the game. The totals here are just total points.
An example of one of the three best SC2 games: Over 2.5 1.93 Under 2.5 1.93
6. If a player wins 2-0, all bets on under will win and bets on over will lose. If the player wins 2-1, all bets on the upper bet will win and the bet on the bottom bet will lose.

Steps to predict in BetGosu:

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    Log in to Dapp:
You have to connect a blockchain wallet with Dapp to be able to make your prediction, you can use MetaMask wallet to connect.
Log in to D-app.
2. Choose a team you trust:
Choose team.
3. Place a bet:
Enter the amount of money you want to bet on your favorite team!
Place a bet.
4. Check bet information:
Note: If you win, the reward will be automatically transferred to your wallet! Good luck!